A Pre-Prep Milestone

Congratulations to Year 2 children who are our first children to have completed their Pre-Prep education at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

Four years ago in 2014, an intrepid group of three and four year olds took their first steps at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, bravely entering their brand new classrooms to meet their teachers and classmates who would soon become their friends. 

They are the first cohort to go through Pre-Prep from FS1 to Year 2. 

Their journey has been a lot of fun for everyone. Over the past four years, these pupils have all grown and developed, becoming amazing Cranleighans. The Pre-Prep team is very proud of each and every child, and is going to miss them greatly.  However, the Pre-Prep’s loss is the Prep School’s gain, and we are certain that this wonderful group of children will go from strength to strength next year.