We pride ourselves on a curriculum that not only enables our pupils to achieve exceptionally good examination results but also engages them in the excitement of learning, preparing them for the wider world.

Abu Dhabi Cranleighans will grow up to be independent, thoughtful and well-rounded individuals, confident in their ability to question, analyse and express opinions.

Our aim is to strike a balance between the academic disciplines and the wealth of extra-curricular activities on offer. We seek all-round excellence, sharing the same ethos as Cranleigh School in the UK.

2018/19 Results

A Levels 

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi’s pioneering Year 13 pupils achieved an excellent set of results with 37 percent of pupils achieving grades of A* – A, 63 percent of pupils achieving grades of A*- B and a 100 percent pass rate. This builds on our Year 13’s earlier success this year which saw 69 percent of these pupils achieve grades of A* or A in their Extended Project Qualification AS Level (half an A Level).

“The 2018/19 academic year is a significant milestone for us and we are delighted with our Year 13 pupils’ achievements. I am happy to say they have all been accepted onto their preferred university courses which will see them go to universities in the UAE, UK, USA, Italy and the Netherlands. More importantly we are proud of the young adults they have become.” Michael Wilson, Principal.

The UK national average for grades A*- B in 2018/19 is 53 percent and for grades A*- A in EPQ is 49 percent. It is never easy to be the founding top year in a school, we are very proud of their achievements throughout their time at Cranleigh and the exceptional individuals they have become.

Looking forward, this year’s pupils have all been accepted on to their preferred university courses at the following universities; Architectural Association of London (UK), Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (UAE), Loughborough University (UK), Manchester Met University(UK), Trinity College (USA), University of Edinburgh (UK), University of Essex (UK), University of St Andrews (UK), University of The Hague (The Netherlands), University of Warwick (UK), University of Winchester (UK), University of York (UK).


Cranleigh Abu Dhabi’s Year 11 and some Year 10 pupils, who took their exams a year early, have achieved a record set of GCSE and IGCSE results. Just over 30 percent of all grades were grade 9, the top grade at GCSE. 73 percent of all grades were 7 – 9 (equivalent to A*-A) and 99 percent of pupils achieved GCSE grades 4 – 9 (equivalent to A*-C).

“The academic team at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi is incredibly proud of the dedication and achievements of its GCSE cohort. This is our third group of GCSE pupils since Cranleigh Abu Dhabi opened its doors in September 2014 and the results are outstanding. These pupils could not be better set up to take on the challenge of A Levels and subsequently securing places at top universities around the world.” Damien Ward, Academic Vice Principal.

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