World renowned ballet dancer, Carlos Acosta, running a workshop with GCSE Dance students at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

Dance is unique because it contributes to both the artistic education and physical activity of pupils. Whilst helping pupils develop skills to help improve communication, confidence, self-belief, team work, resilience and boost creativity and individuality. Dance activity can increase self-esteem and motivation for all pupils of any ability. Dance fulfills a unique role in the curriculum bringing together physical literacy with imagination and creativity.

The Dance department focuses on giving pupils the opportunity to learn in an environment that is safe and encourages trust whilst also including respect, student contribution, creativity and self-development; this is fundamental for effective learning and progression. The Dance Department promotes a unique and diverse learning experience for the learner whom is at the centre of this process.

All pupils will have the opportunity to Dance whether it be through timetabled lessons, internal extra-curricular activities or after school activities. Cranleigh Abu Dhabi supports the positivity impact Dance can have on a pupils physical development as well as social and emotional. Dance is also considered for its academic element and is offered as a choice at GCSE.

 Curriculum Aims

  1. To stimulate pupil curiosity, interest and enjoyment in dance and to acquire knowledge and understanding of the terminology, skills and techniques specific to dance and the Performing Arts arena
  2. Promote self-confidence, resilience,  commitment and a positive body image
  3. To employ teaching methods and resources that allows all pupils to have equal access to dance and to experience success and enjoyment in their work
  4. To allow opportunities for pupils to develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as persistence,  team work, confidence, self-belief, creativity, initiative and independence
  5. Encourage pupil’s cultural awareness of the opportunities and reasons for participating a range of dance styles
  6. Develop pupils Literacy skills through effective communication, articulacy and written work
  7. Promote healthy living and well-being

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