English language learning is a diverse and multi-layered tapestry of human relations and experience. The English curriculum at Cranleigh deals with the full and coloured history of the English Language and its rich and diverse literature. We delve deep into the Middle-Ages and continue our studies right up to the present day as we aim to give students a firm grasp of its history whilst preparing them for 21st Century communication. Our resources and activities; learning styles and assessments; and projects and performances cater for the demands of modern world interactions and digital literacy.

Despite being an active and developing language, English remains rooted in fundamental principles of literacy that allow the language to be such a pervasive medium. We aim for strong levels of literacy to ensure that, in such an international environment as Cranleigh, pupils are confident in using English as the language of inclusion. Our English teaching aims to promote the ability of each student to think for themselves and to express their feelings and ideas effectively with a strong sense of empathy.

English also enables children to explore the stories of past, present and future; fantasy and reality; myth and legend; tales of different cultures and traditions. These many forms and styles can inspire imaginative and individual writing.

With the maxim, “Read as a writer; write as a reader” at the heart of our teaching, English is a key part of  Cranleigh Abu Dhabi’s curriculum.