At Cranleigh Abu Dhabi our aim is to develop a vibrant and thriving musical environment whereby music making is both enjoyed and respected. Music helps to increase self-confidence, self-discipline and creativity, giving children a powerful medium through which to communicate and express themselves.

Children have timetables weekly academic music lessons as well as a wide variety of competitions, concerts, plays and workshops. In class lessons pupils develop their personal musical understanding through the activities of performing, composing, listening and discussion. They use a variety of instruments and equipment, learn to listen critically to a wide range of music, use informed musical language and vocabulary, develop an understanding of musical elements and structure, and be encouraged to express their feelings and responses to music.

A very significant proportion of Cranleigh pupils are involved in the wider musical life of the school through their instrumental lessons and participation in the varied ensemble programme. Many of our annual events during the school year have music at their core and correspondingly impressive standards are expected and achieved at all levels.