Sixth Form Work Experience – ENGSOL Group

Sixth Form Work Experience - ENGSOL

“Much has been written about the estimated 2.25 billion Gen Zers now in their late teens and early twenties. Widely known as the first true ‘digital natives’, this group is about to make its mark on the global workforce. While stereotyping is dangerous, studies assert that alongside an entrepreneurial spirit, independence and a real concern for social causes, young people from this smartphone generation can sometimes struggle with person-to-person, rather than person-to-device communication. Intern opportunities with forward-thinking companies like ENGSOL are helping our Sixth Formers develop their communication and decision making skills and are a hugely valuable part of our careers programme.”

Elizabeth Kelleher, Head of Business, Economics and Careers, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

ENGSOL says:

ENGSOL Group offers internships that aim to strengthen educational programmes for students. Ultimately, the aim of this type of initiative is to ensure that supply and demand of skill sets are properly aligned between schools, universities and the workplace.

ENGSOL specialises in electromechanical engineering products and solutions. One of our goals is to implement a fresh and novel approach to engineering services, connecting the end-user and the manufacturer. Our internship strategy fits neatly with this objective on many levels.

In particular, internships provide an opportunity to bring fresh, innovative ideas and the latest in digital thinking from the classroom to the workplace, thereby increasing our intellectual capital and ‘connectedness’ with Generation Z. This, the post millennial generation, was born into an online world and is widely held to be the most technologically-savvy and innovative yet. We can learn a lot from them.

We also view our internship programme as a way of identifying and training future employees – essentially it is one of our recruiting tools. Interns make excellent and highly motivated pre-professionals and working with them helps to identify talent for succession planning.

During their time with us, student interns are involved in on-the-job training designed to provide professional experience. Our programme is academically oriented for their benefit. Internships help students to reach their educational goals by giving them the opportunity to augment classroom instruction with exposure to a real world employment setting.

Anila Vinod,HR Manger, ENGSOL Group

Year 12 Intern says:

During my time with ENGSOL, I was given an overview of how the company is structured in order to understand the role that each department plays. I spent time working with both the Human Resource and Finance teams, finding out about their principal areas of responsibility and learning how they operate.

In the HR Department, I reviewed the CVs of candidates who had applied for a job, providing feedback to the HR Manager regarding which applicants I found to be most suitable for the open positions. In the Finance Department, I reviewed the cash flow forecast and worked alongside the Finance Manager to calculate the company’s profits and losses.

A really important insight for me was just how essential collaboration is for a company to be successful. Every department has a specific role and responsibility, and they all depend on one another to make the entire organisation a success. Linked to this, I now understand why people constantly talk about the importance of inter-personal skills. Spending time across departments made it very clear that if you can’t communicate effectively with the people around you, you will find it hard to make a very meaningful contribution. In fact, I would say that improved communication was the main transferable skill I gained from my work experience.

My internship at ENGSOL links to my preferred career path as I hope to study business management and psychology at university. It was incredibly insightful to see how a real workplace operates and I feel much more confident now about taking next steps with my university application process later this year.

Year 12 Intern: Rodothea