Sixth Form Work Experience – Saab

Sixth Form Work Experience - Saab

“According to the Carnegie Institute of Technology, only 15 percent of financial success comes from knowledge or technical skills. The other 85 percent comes from an individual’s ability to effectively communicate, negotiate, and lead. Having practical experience in a chosen career field is important, but arguably more important is the ability to showcase that you have developed key soft skills. The internship opportunity at Saab not only opened our students’ eyes to the company’s leading edge technical innovation, but also required them to present regularly, as well as interact with Saab executives and potential customers. It was extremely enriching as a result.”

Elizabeth Kelleher, Head of Business, Economics and Careers, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

Saab says:

An innovation-driven company such as Saab needs to co-operate with universities and academies and to this end, we have an effective CSR programme in place all over the world. Starting work experience programmes even sooner at secondary level, as we have done with Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, is very important as it creates an early investment in potential human capital. It also serves to bring knowledge into the company as talented students can provide new generational perspectives of great value.

Saab is dependent on a rapidly changing international market where every customer is unique. In order to serve the global market with world leading products and solutions, we work continuously to drive internationalisation, diversity and equality. This includes generational diversity as well. Mixing people, ideas, experiences and cultures leads to a more dynamic company, greater innovation and ultimately, increased profitability.

Saab has customers in 100 countries that come from different cultures, religions and business environments. Our employees represent 60 different nationalities and work in 35 countries. Building relations and working together means achieving results. Our working method focuses on openness, trust and mutual respect. This is a fundamental pre-requisite if we are to establish a creative, change focused environment characterised by good business and profitability.

Abu Dhabi is a multi-national and multi-cultural hub and as such, provides a unique opportunity to access a great deal of diversity in a single place. We aim to inspire and create awareness of different career opportunities and so it is both a privilege and very rewarding to be able to give these young students insights into the window of opportunity that exists in a globalised world.

Jesper Thygesen, Sales & Marketing Director
Saab Middle East


Year 12 Interns say:

Our work experience was at Saab Middle East, a branch of the major Swedish company Saab AB, which supplies products, services and solutions from military defence to civil security. We worked in different departments and so learned about the business functions that most interest us. Alongside this, we also developed our communication skills a lot as we had to present back regularly. This was hugely beneficial.

Omar: I worked with the CFO for majority of the time. My focus changed from week to week, ranging from analysing contract structures, to reading an auditing record book to get an idea of how the process works. I also researched the UAE’s new tax regulations and reported back on how they will impact the company.

I came away from the experience knowing much more about how a good finance department should work, how it is structured and managed. In particular, I now understand the importance of good processes for tracking, managing and reporting on income and expenditure.

Shamma: Working with the marketing team, I learned about the steps involved in bringing a new product to market as well as what it takes to support the ongoing sales of an existing product.

I gained really good insights into the level of research required before a product is approved for development and launch, and was able to work with professional researchers who are experts in this area. I also learned about some of the key marketing tools suitable for products that are already in the marketplace. This included working on a winning presentation and liaising with national and international visitors to the Saab stand at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference.

Year 12 Interns: Omar and Shamma