Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: Any pupil (including pupils currently at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi) who will be entering Year 7 or above in the 2020/21 academic year is eligible to apply for a scholarship. Note that due to the nature of the British Curriculum, we are highly unlikely to accept scholarship applications for students entering Year 11 or 13 as these are the final years of our two-year (I)GCSE and A Level courses respectively. All Year 12 applicants must have completed their GCSE exams in a British curriculum school. 

Q: What is expected of scholars at Cranleigh?

A: Cranleigh scholars should be ready to stand out as role models and peer group leaders, demonstrating how potential can be realised and what can be achieved through commitment and determination. They should show a high level of emotional maturity, evidenced through their ability to work cooperatively, be resilient and adaptable.

They will be expected to be very actively involved in activities relevant to their area of specialism and the wider school. Some of these activities will require them to invest their free time after school, and on occasion, during weekends and school holidays. These activities may carry travel, subsistence or other incremental costs.

Academic scholars will be expected to embrace opportunities offered through our Enrichment Programme; Performing Arts scholars will be expected to take leading roles in performances, ensembles, groups, Co-Curricular Activities/ clubs, UK exchanges etc; Visual Arts scholars will be expected to devote time (in and out of school) developing a body of work that can be showcased in exhibitions and competitions, and Sports scholars will be expected to train with the relevant squad(s) and represent the school in as many local, national and international competitions as possible.

All scholars will be expected to play a key role in the school’s ongoing pursuit of progress and excellence in their field of expertise.

Q: What will the fee reduction be?

A: Scholarships for Cranleigh pupils attract a fee reduction of 5% per scholarship up to a maximum of 10% if a double scholarship is awarded. Applications from pupils who are not currently at Cranleigh will be reviewed on an individual basis. Top awards will match a pupil’s current school fees. We are very keen to use our programme to provide opportunities for pupils to access the calibre and breadth that a Cranleigh education offers. All scholarships are merit-based.

Q: Will awards be given for a student’s entire school career?

A: Awards will be reviewed annually. Continued tenure of awards will be conditional upon the fulfilment of the requirements specified by each awarding department. Scholars will be expected to meet a minimum academic grade average evidenced through the interim and full reporting cycle.

Q: How do students apply?

A: All external candidates (ie non-Cranleigh pupils) should complete a regular admissions application using our online system which can be accessed here. When this application is complete, please email admissions@cranleigh.ae to register your interest in applying for a scholarship and the team will advise next steps. Note that we require full admissions information to be submitted before progressing with Scholarship applications. 

Internal candidates should email admissions@cranleigh.ae and the team will advise next steps which will include the submission of a formal application.

The deadline for scholarship applications for pupils based in Abu Dhabi is Wednesday 12th February 2020. Only overseas applicants can be considered after this date. Applications received by the deadline will be reviewed and a shortlist created. Candidates who are successful at this first stage will be invited into school to sit their assessment/ undertake their audition/ produce their artwork/ attend an interview etc. Each award category has its own set of assessment criteria and process which is outlined in the relevant (accessible via the sidebar). Please email admissions@cranleigh.ae if you have any questions.

Q: Can students apply for an All Rounder award?

A: No. In reviewing applications, the scholarship committee may, in exceptional circumstances, identify candidates whose skills and achievements lend themselves to an All Rounder award. As in all other categories, awards will be dependent on the number and calibre of students applying and the school reserves the right not to offer an award at all if there are no candidates of sufficient merit. Candidates considered for an All Rounder award would typically have submitted at least two individual scholarship applications and be outstanding students with unusually high potential in a number of curriculum areas.

Q: How many scholarships can students apply for?

A: There is no restriction on the number of scholarships a student can apply for however, given the fact that the school is seeking exceptional candidates, students should consider their application approach carefully.  

Q: How many scholarships will be awarded?

A: The number and type of awards given will depend on the quality of the field. Cranleigh Abu Dhabi reserves the right not to award any scholarships if there are no candidates of sufficient merit.