Fine Arts Scholarship

All Fine Arts candidates will be expected to showcase a substantial and diverse portfolio of work and also demonstrate that their passion and accomplishment extends beyond work completed within the school curriculum.

Participation in competitions, courses and evidence of sustained and high level interest will support successful applications.

Interviews will be held for those who make the shortlist and the process may also include the production of a piece of work on the day of the scholarship assessment.

How to apply for a Fine Art Scholarship

All external candidates should complete a regular admissions application using our online system which can be accessed here. When this application is complete, please email to register your interest in applying for a scholarship and the team will advise next steps. Note that we require full admissions information to be submitted before progressing with scholarship applications.

Internal candidates should email and the team will advise next steps which will include the submission of a formal application.

The deadline for scholarship applications for pupils based in Abu Dhabi is Wednesday 12th February 2020. Only overseas applicants can be considered after this date. Candidates whose application meets the required criteria will be asked to submit a portfolio.

Portfolios should include personal work produced by the candidate in their own time as well as work produced in school, school-based CCAs, art clubs or holiday courses. Evidence of a wide variety of approaches is encouraged. It is hoped that much of the work submitted will be exploratory, experimental and drawing-based. A good deal of which might be suitable for submission in a sketchbook. The Head of Art (Prep and Senior School) will be looking for the ability to produce not only sustained work from first-hand observation, but also imaginative, thoughtful and creative responses in a variety of media.

All short-listed students will be invited back to Cranleigh to work on a test piece in the studios. This exercise will require candidates to produce a piece of mixed-media work on paper based on the observation of a chosen subject. Very often a themed still life consisting of natural and man-made forms. The task will be introduced and explained. Candidates will be encouraged to tackle the task to show their skills in drawing and sensitivity to the basic elements of art and design (line, tone, colour, pattern, texture etc.) through a considered composition and the creative use of media.

When test pieces are completed, candidates will meet again with the Heads of Art to talk about their work, developing interests and any artists or designers that they admire.

Note: Three-dimensional work such as pottery, sculpture and design projects should NOT be submitted with the portfolio but instead the work should be presented through good quality photographs showing a clear and accurate indication of the work’s quality. It would be helpful if work in the portfolio is clearly marked with the candidate’s name and school.