Cranleigh Abu Dhabi pupil visits Cranleigh UK

Anna Naito-Curtis (Year 7) and her family were in the UK for the Eid holiday and so they asked if they could visit the UK school; of course, Cranleigh UK were more than happy to oblige! Anna is the first ever Abu Dhabi based pupil to visit the UK school.

Anna and her family were welcomed with coffee, orange juice and croissants.  Michael Wilson, Headmaster of Cranleigh Preparatory School, then met with them before a tour of the Prep School.  They then went over the road to the Senior School to meet with Steve Batchelor, Head of Senior School Admissions and had another tour including West girls boarding house (the best house in my bias opinion- as a former West house girl!).  Anna also met with Martin Reader, the newly appointed Headmaster of Cranleigh Senior School.

The Cranleigh children loved meeting Anna and were really  friendly, inviting Anna into their lessons!   Anna and her family had nothing but wonderful things to say about their visit and praised the warm welcome they received and the atmosphere of the UK school.  According to Anna’s mother, Anna is hoping an exchange programme is set up between the UK and Abu Dhabi schools so she can visit again!

Brendan Law was thrilled with the success of the trip, stating, ‘this is exactly the sort of links which we are keen to foster and this historic visit will go a long way to showing the open bridge between the schools.’