Bringing the Stone Age Alive

Year 5s have been working incredibly hard this half term, immersing themselves in ancient history.

As usual, learning really comes to life when children are empowered to creatively interact with a subject, making it their own. And what better way to connect with the Stone Age than to re-create some of the art, tools and weapons that were used during the period.

Following all their hard work, the children’s were proud as punch to show off the fruits of their labour in the wonderful ‘Cranleigh National Museum’. 

The official opening of the ‘Cranleigh National Museum’ was attended by parents and honoured guests, and officially inaugurated by Mr Kenworthy. The artefacts were very impressive and realistic, as were the cave paintings. It felt as though it had been professionally curated and we are sure that the Louvre Abu Dhabi would have been very impressed if they had attended!