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Developing The Whole Child

In line with our whole child approach to education, this year’s Co-Curricular programme is running over 350 activities across the school. Sports related clubs include Parkour, Tennis, Football, Karate, Swimming, Golf, Gymnastics, Dance and Sports Leadership to name a few. Beyond sport, there are opportunities to get involved in Sketching, ...read more →

The Joy of Outdoor Sport

It is that time of year when temperatures are slowly beginning to drop and the humidity has reduced, so the Sports Department is able to get pupils outside first thing in the morning before it gets too hot. Year 6 pupils have been enjoying football and rugby on the fields ...read more →

The Sound of Music

The Music Departments in both the Senior and Prep Schools have come alive with the sound of music lessons and we are very excited about the progress our pupils will make this year. Over 200 individual instrumental lessons took place in the second week of term and we are happy ...read more →

The Art of Accurate Science

One of the key abilities in a science laboratory when conducting experiments is precision, as inaccurate measuring leads to inaccurate data. This week our Year 5s have been practising this important skill, by making sure they are using the right equipment, checking that it is working properly, using careful observation ...read more →

FS2 Pupils Settle Quickly

FS2 pupils have had a great start to the year as they enter their second year of school. They are happy, focused and engaged and after just over a week in their new classes, their confidence has grown as they enjoy the challenges of their new timetable. 

Focusing on Careers Planning in Y12

At Cranleigh, we focus on the importance of the journey not just the destination. This week our Lower Sixth Form pupils had the first of what will be weekly careers guidance sessions with our dynamic head of careers Liz Kelleher. During these sessions, students will explore the many ways in ...read more →

Dance and Sports Trials

The Sports and Dance Departments have really hit the ground running this week as they look to emulate and build on last year’s successes on the field and courts, as well as in the swimming pool and dance studio. Trials have been taking place in rugby, football, netball, swimming, cricket ...read more →

Back in the Classroom

Year 8s are fully focused and in the swing of lessons again after their long holiday. It’s proving to be a great first week back and pupils throughout the school have clearly returned with positive attitude and a desire to learn.

GCSE Artists Get Started

Our Year 10s were thrilled to start their GCSE course with lessons in the Sixth Form art studio today. They worked on still life drawings using different mediums including pencil and charcoal. We look forward to sharing their KS4 art work throughout the year.

Welcome Back!

It is so wonderful to see all our students back and feel the campus buzzing again! We are always amazed how quickly the school settles into its rhythm. Happy smiling faces are everywhere as everyone catches up with old friends, makes new ones and gets to know their teacher or ...read more →