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Inaugural Meeting of the Board

The inaugural meeting of the Cranleigh Abu Dhabi Board of Trustees will be taking place today.  The Board consists of nine impressive and dedicated industry leaders representing TDIC,  Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, New York University, The Royal Group, Cranleigh UK and Cranleigh Abu Dhabi. To read more about our Board ...read more →

IT Manager visits Cranleigh UK

John Carney, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi’s IT Manager, visited Cranleigh UK last week to meet Director of IT Dave Futcher and the rest of the UK team.  The UK-based team have been, and continue to be instrumental to the success of this project; from the initial design of this website and ...read more →

Education & Health

“The greatest use that can be made of wealth is to invest it in creating generations of educated and trained people” His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Since its beginnings the UAE and its Leadership have always placed Education at the forefront of its Agenda. As part of ...read more →

Art at Cranleigh UK

Simon Johnson, appointed Head of Art at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, recently visited Cranleigh UK and took some  footage of the amazing art on display there. The video really showcases the talent and quality of the Art at Cranleigh UK and sets the benchmark for what we are sure will be ...read more →

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi Family Day Video

Back in April the Cranleigh Abu Dhabi family came together for the first time at Fanr Restaurant, Manarat Al Saadiyat.  It was a lovely chance for staff, parents and children to meet and enjoy one another’s company. While the adults were entertained by New York University’s Cello Choir, the children were kept ...read more →

Check out the Saadiyat Dolphins!

  Saadiyat hosts a resident population of Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins, which frequents the marine waters in front of Saadiyat Beach on a regular basis. Small groups of around three to seven individuals are most commonly seen. They are slow-swimming dolphins, typically travelling at around 5 km per hour.  Despite their sluggishness, ...read more →


Due to works being performed on the roads and areas surrounding Cranleigh School, some of the roads have been closed.  In order to minimise the walk to the Admissions Office please follow the signs to St Regis Hotel. At the traffic lights near St Regis, turn right as if you were ...read more →

Another successful visit to Cranleigh UK

 Rachael Tinkler and Helen Asher, two fabulous teachers joining us in Abu Dhabi in September, visited Cranleigh UK yesterday to meet the staff and experience Cranleigh UK in all its glory!   Travelling all the way from the Wirral they were rewarded with a lovely sunny day, although I am ...read more →