“Like theatre, drama in schools can unlock the use of imagination, intellect, empathy and courage. Through it, ideas, responses and feelings can be expressed and communicated. It carries the potential to challenge, to question and to bring about change.” Jude Kelly, Theatre Director

Drama at Cranleigh is a cherished part of the curriculum. Specialist Drama lessons are timetabled weekly for Year 3 – Year 9 pupils and is available as an examination option in the Senior School. Creating, Performing and Responding skills ensure that teamwork, focus and reflection are as important as the drama skills of performing.

Through studying Drama, Cranleigh pupils develop confidence, articulation, team-work and creativity. The work links to other curriculum subjects and reflects how Drama is an essential active-learning tool, allowing rich exploration into a variety of topics.

From the earliest years, there are opportunities to participate in small studio productions, dramatic presentations, or in fully staged plays. Older pupils tackle challenging dramatic projects with vigour, stretching their boundaries of imagination and physical expression.