Pastoral Care and Daily Life

There is a holistic approach to the Pastoral Care at Cranleigh. The development of pupils’ social and emotional skills forms an integral part of our ethos here. We focus on nurturing 21st century thinkers and pursue outstanding academic standards, but we know this cannot happen successfully unless children feel happy, safe and secure.


The development of character and wellbeing sits at the heart of our pastoral approach. We have built our community on the values of The Cranleigh Code which include respect, collaboration, responsibility, adaptability, kindness, and empathy. The Cranleigh Code is more than a poster for us, it is embedded into the pupil’s daily life. This is highlighted through assemblies, house events, extra-curricular activities and wellbeing days. Further, it is brought alive through the curriculum with a standalone subject of Moral Education: Learning for Life that focuses on developing the tools for life to ensure a successful educational journey.

Structurally, our Pastoral care approach is multi-layered. Each pupil has a class teacher or, from Year 5, a Tutor who has primary responsibility for his or her wellbeing while at school. In addition, there are Heads of Year, Housemasters, an Independent Listener (School Counsellor) and Heads of School with specific Pastoral responsibilities and expertise. Importantly, our Cranleigh Service programme ensures pupils also have access to nominated members of their peer group who have been selected and coached to play a listening and leadership role.