Shape of the Day

Senior School Atrium

Cranleigh opens its gates at 7.30am, with registration at 7.45am for all Year Groups. Lessons then start at 8am. From Year 3, each lesson lasts 55 minutes with a five minute break to allow pupils to get from one class to another.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of the school day for the different Year Groups.

Year 3 and above

The school day ends at 4:30pm from Sunday to Wednesday, and at 3:00pm on Thursdays. Parents of children in Years 3 & 4 can choose a finish time of 3.30pm on Sunday to Wednesday if their child is not ready for the longer day. Each day is designed to keep pupils engaged, with core subjects taught alongside the arts, extra-curricular activities and sport. In addition, Cranleigh incorporates ‘tutor time’ at the end of each day, which allows any issues that have cropped up during the day to be quickly sorted out.

Pupils in Year 3 and above have the option to take part in an extensive programme of after school activities (CCAs) from 4:30pm-6:00pm on Sunday-Wednesday. This programme is run by both school staff and outside providers and is inclusive of everything from horse riding to sailing and from debating to cooking. For a more detailed outline of the CCAs on offer please go to the Activities section on the website.



Years 1 and 2

The Year 1 and 2 pupils finish their school day at 2:30pm. Pupils then have the option of staying for an after school activity between 2:45 pm and 3:25 pm. There is a wide range of activities available run by Pre-Prep teachers and external providers. Mosty Year 1 and 2 pupils stay for one or two activities a week. Parents are required to pick their children up from school at either 2:30 pm, or 3:25 pm if staying for an activity.


FS2 pupils finish their school day at 2:30pm. There are a limited number of after school activities run by external providers between 2:45 pm and 3:25 pm. There is no facility for after school care and parents are required to pick their children up from school at either 2:30 pm, or 3:25 pm if staying for an activity.




The Nursery pupils finish their school day at either 12:15 pm or 2:30 pm. All of their curriculum is covered during the morning including specialist lessons. There is an option for Nursery formerly pupils to stay until 2:30 pm, during which time there is an opportunity for a rest, lunch and quiet free-flow. Pupils may only stay until 2:30 pm after the first two weeks of the first term and then only with agreement from their teacher. Some children at this age find a full day at school too long and get tired; we do not have nap facilities. Pupils do not miss any curriculum by going home at 12:15 pm. We advise

Nursery pupils to build up to a full day by the end of the academic year in preparation for FS2.