Class teachers and Tutors build close relationship with pupils

Tutors are the pupils’ and parents’ first port of call for pastoral and academic queries. Tutors ensure that each individual pupil is valued within the tutor group. Positive relationships between the tutor and pupil are built on the foundations of trust, patience, open-mindedness and positivity. The tutors will encourage the pupils’ wider interests and participation in co-curricular activities, and the cultural and sporting life of the school.

Tutors are also there for support and advice on a whole range of issues, from subject choices to more personal matters.

Every staff member at Cranleigh will communicate with the pupils and it is vital that positive relationships are formed to ensure a safe and happy community and to establish outstanding learning environments.

Cranleigh Tutors:

  • Ensure all pupils are happy, safe and are free of any obstacles that prevent them from being successful in their learning journey
  • Build positive and meaningful relationships with their tutees to ensure pupils feel supported, listened to and valued in the school community
  • Monitor social, emotional and personal development to create successful and well-rounded leaders of tomorrow
  • Monitor their tutees academic progress through 1:1 chats and tutorials (Senior School), providing both feedback and the setting of targets on a regular basis. 
  • Deliver the Moral Education: Learning for Life curriculum to highlight the Cranleigh Code and embed the ‘tools for life’ which we believe that are required for a successful and positive life of learning
  • Liaise with parents to create a supportive and professional partnership that puts the child at the centre of all its decisions and processes
  • Encourage their tutees to be role models and uphold standards of the Cranleigh Code
  • Implement the behaviour policy including rewards with consistency
  • Are an integral part of the safeguarding ‘blanket’