Year Groups

The structure of the school is designed to provide the very best combination of educational experiences for each child as they progress through their time with us. Care has been taken to plan the correct blend of age-appropriate, academic and social stimuli, ensuring that pupils meet new challenges with growing confidence. As children grow and mature, so too does their desire for fresh academic and creative opportunities.

This understanding led to the establishment of the Pre-Prep (Nursery-Year 2), Prep (Year 3-8) and Senior Schools (Year 9-13) with separated academic areas which best cater for their specific requirements:

  • All three sections of the school seek to meet the defined needs of the pupils given their age, maturity, intellectual understanding and curiosity, along with their physical ability and energy levels
  • Each section has its respective Head of School and there are age-appropriate variations in areas such as timetable and subject allocation
  • Academic coordinators support the Heads of School and there are weekly Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior School meetings to discuss pupils and related matters