Drama Festival in Bahrain

A group of 20 Cranleigh thespians from Year 8 and 9 journeyed to Bahrain last month to attend this year’s ISTA Festival. ISTA is the International School Theatre Association, which hosts Drama festivals around the world. This year is the organisation’s 40th year and Cranleigh’s second year of being involved.

Pupils were treated to workshops and ensemble projects that included character work, puppetry and break dancing. A trip to the Bahrain Fort linked to the theme of “The Pearl Adventure” that connected the ensemble workshops. This was a wonderful opportunity for pupils to work with peers of similar dramatic interests in an exciting and dynamic environment.

The Drama Department here at Cranleigh is looking forward to hosting an ISTA festival next year in March 2019 and can’t wait to offer the same warm welcome to other schools that was enjoyed in Bahrain.