Emirates Palace Aquathlon

Over 30 Cranleigh children entered the final Emirates Palace Aquathlon on the weekend, the children competed against numerous schools across Abu Dhabi. As a school we received a third place trophy for participation – this was for the total number of Cranleigh students who entered the races over the whole season.

Children from all year groups entered and gained points for Cranleigh’s overall total.  We even had Edward Robson from FS1 who entered and  contributed to the score with his Tiny Tots entry!

Individually we also took home some medals.

U16 Competitive Winner – 1st Place Marko Prinslo

U12 Competitive Winner – 1st Place Charles Sinclair, 3rd Place Lawrence Sinclair

U10 – 3rd place Ben Barraclough

Congratulations to all Cranleigh students for participating

U12 Competitive Winners