Fairy Tales in FS2

The FS2 children literally had ‘a ball’ at their Fairy Tale Ball at the end of last week. They had been planning and preparing for weeks; thinking about how the characters in the fairy tales they have read dressed and what their parties were like. They looked at old-fashioned ball gowns and Regency dress and watched how people used to dance with a partner or in groups together.

The children enjoyed preparing some snacks to eat before the ball of fairy tale crispy cakes and also made fairy bread and fruit punch in the morning to enjoy later on. The ball itself was great fun. The ballroom of our fairy tale castle was decorated with paper chains and bunting the children had made themselves during the week and the dancing with partners and in groups was a real treat! Fortunately, no-one had to be home by midnight, no-one had to kiss any frogs and the ugly sisters didn’t turn up, what a wonderful day!