House Debating

Teachers don’t often condone arguing in school but over the past few weeks it has been actively encouraged! This is because the Prep School has been hosting the House Debating series in which pupils from Years 3 to 8 have been able to test out their debating skills.

Year 7 and 8 started off with motions focusing on environmental concerns and whether individuals or governments should be held accountable. Both debates were excellent and really highlighted the depth of experience of our older Prep School children. Each team made insightful points and pertinent rebuttals, however, there could only be one winner and in the end it was Sadeeq who took the first win of the series.

Next it was the turn of Year 5 and 6 who bravely navigated the complicated world of social media. Their motions included one on whether parents should have access to their child’s social media accounts and another whether social media does more harm than good. The competition again witnessed two high quality debates and although Sadeeq tried their best to retain their winning streak, they had to settle for second place as Zaeem took the top spot.

Yesterday afternoon saw Year 3 and 4 finish the series with a bang. Not to be outshone by their elders, they wowed the audience and judges with arguments that outstripped all expectations for children of their age. In the end, Sadeeq again proved victorious, convincing the judges that the UAE government should do more to protect its natural habitats.

All three competitions were a pleasure to watch and every speaker should be congratulated for their hard work and enthusiasm. Moreover, in all competitions, it was wonderful to see the audience so engaged with the arguments, raising many thought-provoking and astute points.

Finally, thank you to all the staff and teachers who helped make the debate series possible.