Our First Arabic Duke of Edinburgh Instructor

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award first came to my attention years ago, when I was at school back in my home land of Jordan. I can distinctly remember this new and very exciting opportunity, I was a fearless, adventure loving Year 10 student at the time. I recall being immediately attracted to the programme. Unfortunately my parents did not share my enthusiasm to participate due to my proven track record of injuries!

But in a stroke of unexpected great luck, upon my appointment at Cranleigh two years ago, I received an email with much delight, requesting for volunteers to assist with supervising the participants with their Bronze expedition adventure journey and this was the moment I realised that it was not too late to be part of the Award – this time as a staff leader not a participant.

This year, 2018, the school offered to send me on a special training course to become a Qualified Assessor for the adventure journey. So, without any hesitation and with bags of enthusiasm, I joined the course. I am proud to say that I’m now the first Arabic teacher to become a Qualified Advisor for the Award here at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi – and as far as I know, in the local area.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has added a lot to my life during these two years as an Arabic teacher in an international school. It has built a bridge between me and my students, reducing the gap between Arabic culture and many other global cultures. In fact my participation in the Award as a member of the school staff opened the door for a lot of useful knowledge exchange not only between me and my students, but also between me and all the teachers from different backgrounds in the school.

Now my Arabic Department colleagues are also excited to join me and become part of this great Award scheme, helping to deliver a life changing experience for our students, empowering them to boost their skills, develop their leadership potential and exceed their own expectation.”

Eman Sukker, Arabic Teacher