Pirates, Pirates Everywhere!

The FS2s most recent topic has been Pirates and what a fantastic celebration they had this week! 
The day started with a visit from Pirate Pete, who had prepared a video for the children to watch at the start of the topic. To have him visit in person and answer our questions was so exciting and provided an opportunity to find out why pirates never brushed their teeth and why they ate maggoty biscuits. They also discovered that whilst he was a ‘real’ pirate and didn’t want to share his treasure with any of the children, he was actually quite friendly and was pushed to steal only because he needed to feed his family.
The children engaged in a variety of pirating activities in the classroom – making their own hooks or swords, drawing giant treasure maps in groups, sorting and counting treasure and making their own pirate books. They also used the ‘green screen’ with their teachers to create photographs where they were under the sea or on a treasure island.
Next it was time for the great feast and what a wonderful spread of pirate-themed snacks there was – from orange segment boats sailing on jelly seas and coin cupcakes, to carrot and cucumber swords and cheese cannonballs, there was plenty for everyone and no pirate went hungry.
A treasure hunt was the final challenge for our young pirates and mermaids. They had to follow clues which led them all around the campus, eventually discovering the treasure at the swimming pool where they were also able to try out their boats to see if they could float. There was many successes and just a few failures, but we applauded everyone’s tenacity. It was a valuable experience in how we learn from the results of our scientific and artistic efforts.
The day really wouldn’t have been as special without the fabulous efforts of our FS2 parents in making such imaginative boats with their children, dressing them in such wonderful costumes and contributing such a delicious array of foods to add to the party atmosphere. Huge thanks to all of the parents, your generous contributions are most appreciated and the staff are very grateful for your support in making these theme days really memorable.