Prep School Scholar’s Showcase

Cranleigh’s enrichment students had the opportunity to demonstrate their enthusiasm for learning and independent research in the Prep School Scholar’s Showcase. Over 30 stands were set up in the Sports Hall, with parents and peers given the chance to run the rule over the array of different projects on display. From solar power to ant farming, via dreams, oxidation of food, fantasy football, water scarcity and a happiness survey, the range of ideas made for some very interesting judging.

Honorable mentions for their outstanding projects go to Andy, Jonathan and Mahed in the Year 5 to 6 category and Shinho, Valentina, Prachet and Kaiwan in the Year 7 to 8 category. First place in the latter group went to Imen for her wonderfully presented and passionately championed project looking at solving the biggest global problems we face today. Imen will definitely be keeping the UN on their toes in years to come! Our Year 5 to 6 and indeed, overall winner was Ellery for her amazing project investigating urban agriculture. While offering a tasty salad for the judges to munch on whilst studying her display was a good idea, it was actually the level of detail, the commitment to research and the ability to answer all of our questions, while posing her own that won the day for Ellery. We were very proud of all of the efforts of our talented students.