Puppet Show for FS2 Pupils

FS2 children have enjoyed a wonderful introduction to puppetry, watching and joining in with ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, the first story in their current topic ‘Once upon a time…’

The show was engaging, interactive and fun and helped the children cement their understanding of the storyline and characters. They discussed the different versions of the story they had read and compared them with the show, talked about the characters they liked best and chose their favourite parts of the puppet performance.
All of the children got to hold one of the puppets and meet the puppeteers. They were particularly fascinated to find out about some of the special tricks used to make magical things happen on the puppet theatre ‘stage’. It really was an incredibly enjoyable and valuable learning experience which pupils can now apply in their classrooms as they read a variety of fairy tales and explore them further through role play and their own puppetry.