With a 25 metre, six-lane competition pool, as well as a 10-metre beginners pool, Cranleigh pupils have every opportunity to become competent swimmers.

The swimming program, run by 4th Lane Swimming Academy, is one of Abu Dhabi’s leading Learn to Swim, Technique Development and Competitive programs. Cranleigh swimmers will enjoy a host of opportunities to use and develop their skills in the pool with curriculum classes, CCAs, squad selection and after school club training taught by experienced swimming teachers and coaches.

Swimmers will learn and develop a range of skills such as safe entry, floating, treading, sculling, diving and their 4 competitive strokes. 4th Lane Swim Academy ensures all pupils can be safe in and around bodies of water while developing leading competitors for those pupils who wish to develop their talents further. They also aim to ensure swimmers enjoy their time in the pool, to remove the fear and add the fun to swimming!

All Cranleighans, including our youngest Nursery pupils, have the opportunity to swim as part of the regular PE timetable. There are further opportunities for competitive swimmers with the most passionate pupils joining swim squad trainings two to three times a week before the school day begins.

Cranleigh has made its mark on the inter-school swimming gala scene, regularly featuring at the top of the league in both Prep and Senior sections. Keen swimmers have opportunities to compete beyond the inter-school galas through several more challenging events as part of the 4th Lane Swim Academy Program.