The Cranleighan Abu Dhabi

Our second year, 2015/16, is captured and showcased in the first edition of our school magazine, ‘The Cranleighan Abu Dhabi’.

The magazine is broken into the following main sections:

Educational Perspectives
Views and opinions from a number of distinguished, global thought leaders provide a powerful backdrop
for education today.

The Academic Journey
Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior Schools take Cranleighans
on a learning journey they will never forget.

Ex Cultu Robur
The Cranleigh motto, From Culture comes Strength, provides the context for our rich and varied visual and performing arts programme.

 Sport in Action
‘Mens sana in corpore sano’…’a healthy mind in a healthy body’ underpins the philosophy of all physical and sporting activities at Cranleigh.

Campus Life
There is as much to be learned from community life on our vibrant, multi-cultural campus as there is from lessons in the classroom.

Award Winners
End of year awards recognise students whose achievements demonstrate exceptional levels of effort and/or attainment, as well as exemplary commitment, talent and determination.

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