The Importance of the Ghaf Tree

Principal Michael Wilson plants a Ghaf Tree with three eager young environmentalists!

Following on from the cross-curricular element of the ‘Water in the Desert – A Zayed Legacy’ opera project, we were very happy to welcome back Goumbook who run the ‘Give a Ghaf’ a tree planting initiative which aims to raise awareness of the importance of the national tree of the UAE.

Goumbook is a Social Enterprise dedicated to raising awareness on sustainability and green living. Over the past three years, the organisation has planted over 15,000 ghaf trees with the support of Electrolux, who partner on educational events.

The planting programme is supported by the Crown Prince Court (CPC) as part of its Moral Education Programme and we were honoured to have a representative from the CPC, Mr Mohamed Khaleefa Alnuaimi, Director, Education Affairs Office as well as Lorenzo Milano, CEO of Electrolux, join us for this morning’s event.

We are very proud that we are the first school in Abu Dhabi to have benefitted from the ghaf tree planting exercise and associated educational presentations. The children in FS2, Year 1 and 2 had the opportunity to plant their own ghaf tree seed and these were then taken away to grow. Four saplings were planted in the Pre-Prep playground by our guests of honour, Headmaster Michael Wilson and Head Boy and Girl Omar and Kenza.

It was a wonderful occasion for the children to celebrate the indigenous ghaf tree, think about the environment and how they can help to sustain it. There is something very enriching in the thought that as the Pre-Prep children grow, so will their trees.