World Scholars Cup Dubai

Whilst most students were beginning their well-earned Spring break, 27 of our most dedicated and enthusiastic Cranleighans from Years 7 to 11 took part in the Dubai regional round of the World Scholars Cup.

Whether it was the thirst for learning about this year’s theme ‘An Entangled World’, the quest for glory in the shape of medals and trophies or the understandable yearning to own their own cuddly alpaca, the students did themselves and the school proud.

On Friday, the students were put through their paces with a test of their understanding of such issues as human relationships, diplomacy, memory, black markets and the entanglement of art and music. They also wrote a themed essay, before taking part in a series of team debates. This was followed on Saturday by the Scholars Bowl, where an eclectic knowledge of a diverse range of topics from Sherlock’s memory mind palace to a map of the Arab League, gunboat diplomacy to anterograde amnesia, Jack Johnson’s ‘Banana Pancakes’ to Dr Seuss’ ‘Yertle the Turtle’, saw points won and lost in a bid to boost team scores.

After two days of tough mental gymnastics, combined with a lot of fun and alpacas for all, the results were in and the Cranleigh students performed extremely well. Every student took home at least one medal and the combined count was over 80.

Special mentions should go to Lameece and Amira from Year 11, who participated straight from completing their mock exams. They gained individual and team debate medals alongside Samy from Year 9, who was performing above his level in the senior category. Their arguments in support of the United Nations featuring both male and female representatives from every nation were particularly compelling.

In the junior category, nine of our students featured in the top 100 out of over 400 for the overall competition. Congratulations for this achievement go to: Lila (79), Ralph (61), Gabriel (51), Imen (36), Nils (34), Alicia (23), Kaiwan (12), Karl (6) and Caleb (5). The top performing team featured Ralph, Karl and Caleb as they picked up several trophies in the separate events and 2nd place overall in the team competition.

As if the competition itself wasn’t enough, we were also treated to a ‘talent show’, where several of our Year 7 girls eagerly took to the stage. Saskia, Alex, Josefine, Shinho and Valentina deserve praise for embodying the ethos that learning is fun and their performances were certainly entertaining.

It is impossible to list every single achievement here and there were certainly several worthy of mention in the individual categories. These will be celebrated in Year group assemblies and published in due course. Mr Hay and Miss Roberts were proud of everyone who took part and hope that they were able to relax for the rest of their holiday, with perhaps an eye on future WSC events and maybe even the Global Round.