Year 5 & 6 Debating

This week saw the first in a series of Prep School House Debating competitions taking place this term. The success of this inaugural event lay with Year 5 and 6 and they certainly did not disappoint, starting proceedings in great style and setting a high benchmark for the rest of the Prep School. The theme for their debates was Animal Rights, with Zaeem and Etihad taking on the motion that zoos should be banned and Al Sharaf and Sadeeq following with a motion on whether testing animals for the benefit of human health is acceptable.

All four teams did exceptionally well and the other judges were impressed with the extensive preparation shown and the quality of the arguments. For such young debaters, we were pleasantly surprised to hear such mature and insightful points as well as some pertinent rebuttals. For some of our pupils this was their first time debating, let alone having to do it in an assembly. As such, more than anything else, we were proud of how the debaters handled themselves and overcame their nerves.

During the debates there were plenty of opportunities for audience involvement and it was wonderful to see so many engage with the motions as well as some of the wider issues surrounding Animal Rights. Hopefully the debates will have sparked a few dinner table discussions and will encourage some more pupils to try their hand at debating next year.

Both debates were very close, however, there could only be one winner and on this occasion it was Sadeeq who came away with the highest score, with Al Sharaf in second place.

We now turn our attention to next week which will see Year 7 and 8 tackling the complexities of the refugee crisis…