Year 8s in Sri Lanka

A group of Year 8s are having an amazing time on their end of Prep School trip to Sri Lanka. Experiences so far have included some very close encounters with the elephants at the Elephant Freedom Project where they also prepared rice balls from scratch to feed to the elephants. They finished with an informative visit to the dung factory to learn about the amazing process of turning elephant dung to notebooks and ornaments.

They have had a tour of a spice garden where they tasted freshly made cocoa milk and learned about the incredible array of spices Sri Lanka is so famous for.

As part of an evening of traditional Sri Lankan music and dance, the children were quick to try out the drums and other local instruments on offer and even joined in at the end of the dance show!

The next adventurous pursuit was a morning of white water rafting. There were some choppy rapids and when it was a bit calmer students enjoyed jumping from the rafts into the river.

No visit to Sri Lanka is complete without a tour of a tea plantation. At the factory, the guide explained in some detail the multiple stages required before tea leaves and tea bags reach the stores we buy them in. The children also had the opportunity to visit the tea fields to experience what it’s like to be a picker. 

Still to come is a visit to a local school to see how life as a pupil in Sri Lanka differs to life as a Cranleighan in Abu Dhabi.