Science encourages people to wonder; it promotes critical thought and new thinking; it develops risk taking and resilience; most of all, it develops a natural curiosity of the world around us. Science at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop these core attributes whilst studying the fundamentals of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Taught in world class, independent facilities, the majority of lessons are practical based, giving the pupils a very important kinaesthetic angle to their learning. This, backed up with textbooks, posters and videos, as well as lively discussions and partner work, helps each pupil to develop an individual pattern for learning. The ICT resources are also used to full advantage as a research and assessment tool.

At all ages the pupils undertake investigative work which allows them to develop the techniques and skills necessary to form hypotheses, test their ideas and draw conclusions from their results.

From as early an age as possible the pupils are introduced to the labs and taught how to use basic scientific methods in order to carry out a range of exciting experiments. Engendering an enjoyment and curiosity about the world around us is one of our top priorities.