Senior School (Ages 13 - 16)
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Senior School (Ages 13 - 16)

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At Cranleigh Abu Dhabi Senior School education becomes more directed towards student’s personal interests and ambitions as they start to choose from various options with regard to next level qualifications. Students are encouraged to develop academic rigour.

Students are expected to pursue independence and rely less on their teachers. By Year 13 students have gained the qualifications they need for their next steps, and also have the skills, resilience and autonomy that are required at university and beyond. 

Students are also offered game-changing opportunities to be involved with a great many activities, societies, sports and leadership experiences.


YearExam/Course Structure
Year 9Preparation for (I)GCSE courses
Year 10

Year 1 of (I)GCSE courses

Year 11Year 2 of (I)GCSE courses and (I)GCSE exams
Year 12

Year 1 of Sixth Form programme, including A level and/or BTEC courses and Extended Project Qualification 

Year 13Year 2 of Sixth Form programme; A Level exams

Cranleigh IGCSE Information Booklet 

Senior School GCSE Courses

Photo of student in in DT WoodworkGCSE courses are designed to be taught over two years. At Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, we help students to choose a suitable programme of study that engages them and ensures that all doors remain open for study post 16. In general, students will be advised to select 9 GCSEs although this will be tailored as appropriate.

A number of subjects are compulsory, in line with UK educational practice, and for those students needing to achieve MoE Equivalency, there are certain subjects which have to be pursued.

Our (I)GCSE Guide provides information on both the compulsory and optional subjects. We like to encourage students to be as rounded as possible and opting for a range of subjects that include a language, a humanities subject and an arts subject is ideal. However, at Cranleigh, we encourage our students to make choices based on enjoyment – which subjects excite them and which may be those that they wish to study beyond (I)GCSE - the enjoyment of a subject is much more likely to lead to success. Hard copies of the GSCE Brochure are available from the Admissions Department in the Senior School. Please also see below for our digital GSCE Brochure.  Please email the Admissions Team for further information regarding entry. Our GCSE cohorts from the past 2 years have produced outstanding results, leading the UAE in excellence and achievement. 


Cranleigh Abu Dhabi GCSE results


No. of students in GCSE  cohort


% of exam entries graded 9



% of exam entries graded 8 - 9



% of exam entries graded 7 - 9



Overall pass rate



Cranleigh Sixth Form A Level Guide

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi Sixth Form offers A Levels and several BTEC options. Both qualifications are internationally recognised and regarded as academically rigorous, challenging and stimulating. A Levels enable students to access the world’s best universities, as well as providing them with the skills and knowledge for entry into both traditional and more innovative careers.

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We are proud to have been featured in Yalla Abu Dhabi Life magazine. The article focuses on the reasons why Cranleigh Senior proves to be a very strong option for Secondary Education. Click the image below to read the online article.


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