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Our uniform provider is Magrudy’s. Established in 1975, Magrudy's supplies uniforms to many leading schools in the UAE. The Magrudy’s specialised store for Cranleigh Abu Dhabi uniforms is in Shams Boutik Mall, Reem Island.

Opening times are from 09:00 - 22:00, 7 days a week. 

Uniform can also be purchased online. 

Purchase uniform online here 

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Cranleigh Dress Code

Uniform is an important part of Cranleigh life and pupils are expected to look smart at all times. We expect Cranleigh pupils to wear their uniform with pride. Cranleigh uniform is supplied by Magrudy's Uniforms. 

The sales team in the shop is able to advise what is needed for each Year group. Tailoring is available  which means uniform items can always be altered to ensure the best possible fit.

School shoes should be black leather with non-mark soles. Pre-Prep pupils should have velcro and not lace ups or buckles. Sketchers, canvas and shoes that are made by sports brands are not allowed.

Trainers – the uniform shop does not stock trainers and we do not require pupils to wear any particular brand. Our only requirement is that the colours are sensible and where possible predominantly white although we understand this is not always possible.

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi Sixth Form Dress Code

In line with their status as young adults, Cranleigh Sixth Form students do not have a prescribed uniform but are required to dress smartly,  to cultivate a preparation for working in a formal and professional environment.


Dark smart trousers 

Formal shirt

Tie – Cranleigh Sixth Form or House

Plain pull-over

Dark, polishable shoes

Sixth Form lanyard (with photo card)



Formal trousers or skirt (at or below the knee) and of an appropriate cut

Formal top and/or jumper, non-hooded – plain or subtle patterns, covered shoulders and of an appropriate cut

Plain tights

Formal, dark, polishable shoes

Sixth Form lanyard (with photo card)



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