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Head, Heart, Hands

Head, Heart and Hands form our three student-led committees across the three sections of school Pre- Prep, Prep and Senior.

Photo of students outsideHaving a strong focus on wellbeing does not just refer to each individual but also on what we can do for others and our community At Cranleigh Abu Dhabi we believe that wellbeing is two-fold and can be just as powerful and rewarding for our wellbeing to help and support others and the world we live in. 

We have student-led committees in all three sections of the school and they link throughout the academic year through decision making, events and sometimes even training. 

  • HEAD: represents mental health and focuses on the individual. The pupils who comprise this committee support in the planning of Kindness Week, World Mental Health Day awareness and Mindful March. A number of the Seniors are also trained as Mental Health First Aiders. 
  • HEART: represents the environment and this pupil committee focuses on sustainability and ensuring the school works towards being as “green” and environmentally friendly as possible. 
  • HANDS: represents charity and outreach. These pupils focus on giving back and responding to the needs of others on our community and beyond. 

These committees come together once a year to focus on the mantra #CranleighADbethechange and work on plans and activities to roll out across the school year. 

Photo of a mural saying: #BeTheChange, Head Heart Hands

HEAD, HEART AND HANDS is not driven by the staff but by the voice of the pupils. Pupil voice is the most powerful gear stick for change and we believe in the power of voice especially that of the youth. 

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