Prep and Senior Schools

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) – Compulsory

The objective of these lessons is for the pupils to develop their independent skills, explore new interests, enhance their creative development and to enjoy a new challenge.

Prep School

Developing an early appreciation and enjoyment of a range of skills or hobbies can bring life long term enjoyment and personal development. To bridge the gap of the pre-prep Years 3 and 4, the school has an optional finish of 3:30 pm while Year 5-Year 8 finish at 4:30 pm Sunday-Wednesday and 3:00 pm for Year 3-Year 8 on Thursday. Activities run from Sunday-Wednesday from 3:30 pm-4:30 pm and from 4:45 pm-5:45 pm. We offer a wide variety of internally and externally run activities including sports teams for up to C teams, debating, drama, music, food technology, dance, photography, Shakespeare shorts, brownies, prep club, recreational sport, art and much more external activities including karate, yoga, ballet, parkour, golf etc. 

The interrelation of knowledge and skills is often overlooked when children operate within the necessary, but sometimes restrictive, nature of the subject timetable – hence our encouragement of experiential learning outside the formal classroom setting. We strongly support the theory that ‘I do: (therefore) I understand’ and so, whether the pupils gaze at world class art, stand in Sheikh Zayed’s Grand Mosque or toy with crabs in the Mangroves, their senses have been stimulated and real life connections made.






During Enrichment Week, the students participate in a range of activities. This year, we have Maths, which encompasses a fun, academically challenging day for Years 3-7. Adventure day sees Year 3 and 4 at the Mushrif Park, Years 5 and 6 at Al Forsan, Year 7 having a water adventure at The Club, and Year 8 on a two day trip to Al Ain. To finish enrichment week, the school comes together for sports day. At the end of the year, Year 8 also have their last trip before entering the Junior School. This year they are looking to Sri Lanka. Our 2019 booklet can be downloaded here

Senior School

The co -curricular programme in the Senior School provides pupils with the opportunity to develop a range of skills and experiences which add to their education. The focus of the programme is to engage pupils outside the classroom, pushing them to achieve their potential. CCA developing leadership skills include the Duke of Edinburgh Award, sports leaders, and the HPQ Award. 

As well as these, pupils have the option to develop their skills in sport recreationally or in a team, drama, art, music, dance, food technology, Design & Technology, debate, and many academic clubs including Law Society, BioMedical Society and Academic Support Clubs.