Entry to the Prep School – Year 3 to 8

Collaborative and independent learning skills are an important part of Prep School life

All children applying for places in the Prep School are invited to sit an evaluation during the Spring Term before they join. This can either be here in the Admissions Department or at your current school if you are overseas or in another Emirate. Registration is online here and remains open at all times unless a year group is full. We keep the main Admissions page updated with availability or you can contact us on +971 (0)2 497 0000/ admissions@cranleigh.ae.

In the transient international environment we work in, we are more than aware that on occasion family plans can change at the last minute. For that reason, we are always ready to work with late applicants and can facilitate evaluations in the Summer Term for any year groups that still have places available.

There are three parts to our evaluation – an English Writing Piece, Progress Tests in Maths and English and an Online Evaluation. If you are coming to Cranleigh for your evaluation, a member of the Admissions Team will also have a short informal chat with you.  There is nothing you can do to prepare for your time with us.

English Writing Piece: The evaluation process starts with a 35 minute English Writing Piece. Pupils are presented with a choice of questions that are appropriate to their age. We look for hand writing style, including spelling and punctuation, as well as content.

Progress Tests in Maths and English (for those looking for places in Year 6 and above): The second part of the process is two tests. This will take approximately two hours and determines a pupil’s skills and knowledge in Maths and English. Scores achieved are compared to the UK national standardised averages. 

Online Evaluation: The third part of the process is an Online Evaluation. This takes approximately two hours and is designed to measure, as far as possible, ability and aptitude for learning rather than achievement. Results provide us with insight into three areas of cognitive ability: numerical, verbal and non-verbal skills. Scores achieved are compared the UK national standardised averages. 

In addition to the steps above, we will carefully review School Reports and a Confidential Reference which will be requested from your current school.