Cranleigh Service


Pre-Prep Listeners

Pre-Prep Listeners are responsible for bringing Cranleigh values to life

Pre-Prep Listeners are responsible for bringing Cranleigh values to life.

At Cranleigh we believe our pupils are never too young to take on roles of responsibility and to personify the Cranleigh Code values. The Pre-Prep Listeners are Year 2 pupils selected by their classes as children who consistently bring our values to life. Their role is to attend the Foundation Stage playtimes ensuring that all of their younger peers have a friend to play with while role-modelling respectful and kind play. In turn, special relationships across the year groups are formed and nurtured. The Pre-Prep Listeners work closely with the Deputy Head of Pre-Prep and are well-trained for their valuable role.

Pre-Prep House Captains

House Captains in Pre-Prep have the very important job of rallying behind their houses, leading with enthusiasm and encouraging the members of their House to be the best that they can be. Pupils who are interested in this coveted role prepare and deliver a speech outlining why they believe they have what it takes to lead. They display fair-play attributes and model this consistently during the numerous House competitions held throughout the year in Pre-Prep.


Cranleigh Listeners

Cranleigh Listeners embody the Cranleigh Code and are role models to the rest of the Prep School. They are a second pair of eyes and ears for the school community. They play a key role in the Cranleigh Service initiative, supporting and listening to pupils especially during break, lunch times and the changeover between lessons.  They are big brothers and big sisters to all the children in the Prep School. They work closely with the Deputy Head (Pastoral) on ensuring pastoral systems are effective and have the opportunity to create small support networks around the Prep School. Their work is often unseen but hugely valuable.

Cranleigh Voice

Pupils have the opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns through an elected student council called the Cranleigh Voice. Cranleigh Voice Junior Council represents Years 3 to 5 and the Senior Council represents Years 6 to 8. They are elected by the pupils via a secret ballot following a short campaign period. Elected Councillors work with staff, senior management and parents to initiate projects and suggest ideas for improvement for the benefit of the school as a whole.


Year 5 and 6 Leaders are supportive roles in the Prep School to ensure the playground community is positive and fun. They work closely with Year 3 and 4 children and focus on playing games, developing teamwork and promoting communication in our playground environment.


The Librarians in the Prep School support the Library staff in ensuring the space is an enjoyable space for all. They develop their leadership skills as well as communication and opportunity to work as a team.

Head Boy and Head Girl 

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi Prep School Head Boy and Girl

The Head Boy and Head Girl are the most senior ambassadors for Cranleigh Abu Dhabi Prep School. We expect our Head Boy and Girl to be role models for their peers and the younger pupils. They perform duties around the school and carry the respect of both the teachers and children alike. They work closely with the Prep School Management Team, meet and greet visitors, help with tours of the school and give a speech at the end of the year.

“One of the best gifts to give to any child is that of responsibility. Looking after something or someone brings about a purpose and maturity in children unlike anything else.” Simon Kenworthy, Head of the Prep School


Head Boy and Girl

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi Senior School Head Boy and Girl

The Head Boy and Girl are selected from the most Senior year group and are supported by a Deputy Head Boy and Girl.

As prefects they are expected to carry out the role of the prefect in full (see below). In addition, their responsibilities include:

  • Manage the Senior School Student Council team effectively
  • Organise minutes of meetings to be taken and distributed
  • Provide a positive role model for the Senior Council and the school community at all times
  • Organise and oversee rotas, including the prefects duty rota
  • Show initiative and be proactive
  • Support the Junior Council
  • Take a lead role when representing the school at events, including Open Days
  • Act as a link between the Senior Management Team and the pupils





Prefects are elected from the older year groups (11-13). They are ambassadors for the school, acting as roles models for their peers in all aspects of school life. Prefects will perform duties around the school, represent the school at community events and functions, play a lead role in organising school events and conduct speeches at important events.

Heads of House and Deputy Heads of House

Pupils in these positions support the Housemaster in creating a House ethos and assisting with the organisation of House activities. They are ambassadors for their House and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly in the school community.

Student Council

Pupils have the opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns through an elected student council. Each form group elects a form representative, through an application process, who then sits on the student council for the entirety of the academic year. The council meets at the end of every month to fulfil their role as outlined below:

  • Provide an opportunity for pupils to voice their opinions and offer suggestions in relation to many aspects of school life
  • Discuss issues relevant to the school and encourage and promote initiatives from the pupils
  • Offer an opportunity for all pupils to voice their opinions on proposed changes and thereby play a very significant role in improving the school
  • Act as a channel of communication within the school organisation, between pupils and between home and school
  • Encourage pupils, and thereby their parents, to organise events central to the life of the school
  • Provide an opportunity to raise funds for charity