Geography is taught at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi in the knowledge that it is a subject which is increasing in relevance to everyday life and is consequently very interesting to pupils.

The variety of topics covered, the continual need to update topics and review them as the world changes, can only capture the imagination. At each level, pupils are encouraged to think for themselves and solve problems using information (especially on maps, graphs and diagrams), displayed in textbooks, periodicals, on the VLE, educational websites and the atlas. 

Questioning and self-questioning are skills intrinsic to the modern Geographer. Within Geography lessons taught at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi pupils consider the following questions and concepts introduced at presented at suitably appropriate levels:

  • Why our human and physical environments and landscapes appear as they are, how they form and operate, and how they inter-relate at various scales
  • How and why patterns of human and physical features differ from place to place across the earth
  • Differences and inequality within the human world, especially the economic, social and political causes of inequality and economic development
  • The importance of different spatial scales –global to local –and time scales for physical and human processes, together with their interactions and interdependence